SUGGESTED DONATION for AP/DELTA (mini)REUNION '18 is $20-$40 to cover various expenses for the whole shebang.

Anyone for whom this is a hardship can let us know (isa@well.com) and you will be sponsored, no questions asked!

Anyone who isn't physically joining us is still welcome to donate an amount of your choice.


HELP KEEP THIS RECONNECTING ENDEAVOR GOING with an optional donation of any amount!

We would like to use this website for a year, to start with, for not only planning this year's mini-reunion but also planning of a 2019-ish and/or beyond reunion and for general reconnecting. But it is not free.

We would like to commit to either 1 year or 3 years on the site, but it needs to be paid in full up front for that discount.

One year is $149 = $12.42/month
Three years is $299 = $8.30/month

Please donate before August 2 (when the next monthly payment would be due) and you are welcome to share your thoughts as to one or three years for this endeavor.

tHaNk YoU!!!
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Anonymous Date Received: 07/26/2018
"Do whatever the crowd seems to support."
Anonymous Date Received: 07/24/2018
"This is a great effort. I’d like to see the site go for three years so as many as possible have a chance to connect."